Hello MK Dancers

If you would like to maintain your RSCDS Membership, the easiest way to pay it is to use PayPal. You can do this using a credit/debit card if you do not have a Paypal account.

The RSCDS have done their best to keep dancers' enthusiasm up and keep them connected during these strange times, with weekly online classes, puzzles and messages. They will be really grateful to have your continued Membership and support as the Coronavirus situation has put a strain on their resources. 

There is a discount on RSCDS Membership this year so Membership costs:

  • Single Adult Membership is £21
  • Joint Members is £35
  • Secondary Membership (if Primary Membership is paid through another branch) £3

So that you can pay your Membership easily I have set up a 'Shared Pool' for the money on PayPal. Use this Link to 'Contribute' to the 'Pool' and leave your name in the text box so I know who has paid. This is PayPal's terminology which might seem odd but using this method there are no PayPal fees.
Enter the amount of your Membership to 'contribute' and either pay from your own PayPal account or choose Pay as a Guest and use your credit/debit card. It would be helpful if you let me know when you have paid, either by email or the WhatsApp group, so I know to check the Pool.

Any concerns or problems email me or call me on 07877 153259.
Thank you very much and really hope to see and dance with you soon.


Take care

RSCDSMK Secretary