**This AGM is now closed.**

The Branch AGM was originally scheduled for during the class last night. As you are all aware classes have had to be cancelled for the 
foreseeable future. We are therefore holding the AGM over the course of the week online’.
Members are requested to make their contributions and comments for the meeting via the MK Dancers WhatsApp group or by email to me as your secretary at and I can share relevant comments to the WhatsApp group for you.
Anyone not wishing to contribute will be deemed to have abstained.
I hope having the AGM like this is ok by everyone but it’s the best we can do under the current circumstances.
The Agenda for this meeting is attached as are the minutes of the 2019 AGM.  The Treasurer has submitted the accounts to be audited and the Treasurer’s Report is attached.
The Chair’s Report on the Branch will follow shortly.
Please take the time to read the attachments and contribute to the AGM
Stay safe and keep well.
20:24, 31 Mar 2020 by Janice Jones

2 Scottish Dance musicians play a set of tunes 'virtually' together - and I don't mean they are disharmonious!

(if you can't hear sound click on the speaker icon bottom right (like the picture below - the x means audio is muted)  and you should be able to slide the volume control up and down.


Virtual Band

14:01, 22 Mar 2020 by Janice Jones


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